Repost Network Just Acquired SCPlanner & Artist Engine –

If you’ve been putting out music, you must be fully aware of the names like Repost Network, SCPlanner and Artist Engine. If you’re not, let us give you a small rundown! 

To start off, Repost Network has been around for quite some time now and is basically a service that allows eligible users to monetize, protect and distribute their songs. It’s a service that is widely used by artists, labels and promo channels across different platforms. 

SCPlanner is a pretty neat and useful tool too and helps make the lives of people that own promo channels or artists that are on the repost chain a bit easier. It schedules the date and time when your account will repost certain song(s) and typically lasts for 24 hours. Some of the biggest names that use this service include Disciple Records, Run The Trap, Twonk etc.