Earplugs – High Fidelity Filter Ear Protection Great For Concerts, Live Music and Motorcycles. Reduce volume not quality of sound good for sensitive hearing


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  • TRUE SOUND hear music as it should sound, without the ringing in your ears afterwards. with these comfortable soft silicone ear plugs. Great for musicians, DJs, drummers and live music lovers
  • PROTECTS your precious hearing at live gigs and festivals by using professional, sound reducing acoustic filters. The sound is never muffled – always clear
  • MOTORCYCLE SAFE reduces road & pipe noise for motorcyclists but still lets you hear enough traffic noise to keep you safe. Low profile stalk fits comfortably in your helmet
  • CONVENIENT always on hand when you need them. Your earplugs come with a hygienic key ring carry case so you can keep a pair of plugs with you at all times. Hypoallergenic, hygienic and reusable
  • EASY TO USE these earplugs are discreet and adaptable with 2 neck cords for those who like to hang their plugs around their neck and 4 stalk extenders for people who prefer a longer stalk to hold on to when removing their plugs

Enjoy your favorite music like never before whilst taking care of your ears with EAR Defense’s Superior Hearing Protection Earplugs.

Our ear plugs are made with precision filters that have different strength levels. These precision filters are capable of reducing and weakening high frequency noise attenuation and all types of background noise, this means that you can still hear important things like speech or music without that muffled, bunged up feeling you get with cheaper plugs.

EAR Defense earplugs are suitable for musicians, concerts, festivals, bands, singers, motorcycle riders, travelling, work and many other occasions that may expose your ears to a loud environment.

Just think for a minute – no more ringing in your ears after attending that long awaited rock concert, jamming session or night of clubbing with your friends. With EAR Defense Earplugs your hearing is in safe hands as you keep enjoying life to the fullest.

Stay safe from permanent ear damage associated with loud noises without marring the quality and clarity of music and voice.

A few reasons why you should invest today in EAR Defense superior hearing protection for every occasion

  • These luxury soft, silicone earplugs are washable and hygienic
  • Economical, with care they may last up to 30 months with minimum maintenance
  • Come with a 12 month guarantee
  • Worn discreetly the transparent earplug fits neatly and discreetly into your ear
  • High noise reduction ratio
  • Hypoallergenic and easy to wear for long periods, do not cause itchiness or allergic reactions

High NRR with package containing two sets of silicone earplugs

  • The white filters offer a NRR of dB27 for high protection
  • The green filters offer a NRR of dB23 for medium protection
  • Triple flanged design ensures a great fit regardless of the size of your ear canals

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