Katy Perry Releases 3 EDM Remixes For “Small Talk” – EDM.com

Remix package includes reworks by White Panda, Lost Kings, and Sofi Tukker.

Landing an official remix for a global pop star is no easy feat. Three electronic acts who did just that are White Panda, Lost Kings, and Sofi Tukker for Katy Perry‘s “Small Talk.” Each artist took the track on their own journey transforming this pop ballad into a single fitting for the EDM realm. 

White Panda kicks things off with a fun future bass edit, equipped with rippling electronic guitar riffs and synths. Lost King ramps up the energy on their rendition. It features a funky drop and house-centric production style. Sofi Tukker’s remix stands out with its unique delivery. The use of the booming synth and chord work is understated but makes a major impact.