Gender Bias, Getting Booked & Social Media | A Fireside Chat With Katrella –

Katrina Karyofyllis is a Canadian born DJ from Ottawa, Ontario. Now working under the name Katrella she is quickly becoming one of the most talked about, hottest, young female DJ’s reining out of Canada today. Whilst in Miami, we hung out and spoke about her career within the music industry. You can listen to this episode on Spotify here. First of all, thank you so much for talking to me. I appreciate it.

Katrella: You’re welcome. Thank you for coming here & welcome to Miami.

Thank you. So for the people who don’t know who you are, just say a little bit about you, and your origin story within the music industry.

My name is Katrina Karyofyllis (Katrella) and I’m from Ottawa, Canada. I started DJ’ing when I was 19 in Montreal. I went to a lot of shows & parties, and met a lot of DJs. I asked them to teach me. So I went home, bought some equipment & started learning. I graduated college around that time and spent a lot of time just working on music.