Friday Night Spotlight: A Deeper Look at G Jones

In the continually evolving world of underground bass music, where genres bend and lines get blurred, G Jones is making his presence felt.

First catching a buzz with a series of releases through Saturate Records, including his 2012 debut album Mirage and later Ring the Alarm in 2014, in tandem with a powerful collaboration with Minnesota on their single “Thunderdome”, helped propel the G-man’s ascension to the top totem of new-name bass music producers.

Hailing from Santa Cruz, G Jones has been making waves on the West Coast bass scene for a minute and has caught the attention of some big name producers who also call home to the Northern California soil.

Jumping on the road with Minnesota in fall 2014 for The Mind Machine Tour, G Jones brought his futuristic, bass-heavy beat production on a platform that exposed his experimental style to audiences nationwide.

That same year he flipped Bassnectar’s “Don’t Hate the 808” for the NVSB Remixes and the following year for Lorin’s annual three-night Red Rocks stop in Morrison, CO, he was selected as direct support for opening night.

Summer 2015 Bassnectar teamed up with G to work on “Mystery Spot” for his Into the Sun album. The duo’s most recent collaboration “Mind Tricks” is nearing 1 million plays on Soundcloud, garnering even deeper support on behalf of the basshead community for the emerging West Coast producer.

A series of powerful collaborations ensued, as G Jones linked with DJ Shadow and formed Nite School Klik and released a self-titled EP to the critical acclaim of Rolling Stone and Billboard. In 2016, he got in the studio with Eprom and churned out a speaker-blasting track “Warrior” for Eprom’s Samurai EP.

Apart from his highly praised production chops, G Jones has become well recognized for his live shows, thunderous on-the-fly remixes, and an intensity level that lasts like the energizer bunny. His music has graced stages at Shambhala, Burning Man, Coachella, Emissions: West Coast Bass Culture, Mysteryland, and Low End Theory.

G Jones’ production style toes the line between hard-nosed bass music and leftfield, astral glitch hop. Using trap drums, dubstep wobbles and patches, ethereal glitch elements and combining it all in a extremely palatable format that could be likened to space-age instrumental hip-hop.

Coming equipped with dynamic drops and 8-bit video game noises, his tracks are known for mighty 808 drum kits slapping over booming bass. Experimentation is what G Jones is praised for, as he is one to not only look outside of the box, but to build a box of his own. His music has intensity and bounce; aggression and finesse; both a robotic edge and a musical soul.

Currently embarked on the Visions tour through North America to promote his 2017 album release by the same name, he is joined by The Widdler, Plastician, Yheti, Sayer, Eastghost, and Proko. He is also slated to appear this summer at Bonnaroo, Middlelands, and The Oregon Eclipse.

NoCal’s underground bass music roots run deep and G Jones is making a proper contribution to that rich history.

Cover photo courtesy of Bryan Liscinsky