Decadon Puts a Unique Twist on Illenium’s “Sound of Walking Away” [LISTEN]

2017 has been a great year for Colorado based DJ, producer, and guitarist Donnie Miller.  More commonly known as Decadon, this up and coming artist has a strong background in music.  Self-taught to play multiple instruments, he has grown to have a passion for both music and performing.  Decadon has made his mark at various venues and festivals nationwide including Global Dance Festival and Foam Wonderland.  Performing alongside artists such as Party FavorBorgeous, and Flux Pavilion, Donnie has caught the attention of a quickly growing group of followers by combining live musical elements with his sets.

This year has been full of nonstop releases on Decadon’s official SoundCloud.  In April, he released his EP titled “Brace Yourself complete with 6 original songs followed by the third volume of his “Bang Your Head” mix.  These releases were surrounded by plenty of his own remixes to tracks including “Paris” by The Chainsmokers, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day, and most recently “Sound of Walking Away” by Illenium and Kerli.

With almost 45 thousand streams since it’s release on Sunday, this beautiful track starts off with Kerli’s original vocals, just slowed down.  During the first chorus, a transformative drop brings a whole new light to the song.  The new, upbeat melody sounds almost completely different than the original, but snippets of Kerli’s vocals are incorporated, connecting both interpretations perfectly.

The next verse is also slowed and by the time the chorus nears, you can almost expect the same drop as before.  However, this is where Decadon’s talent for producing hardstyle dubstep becomes seamlessly integrated with Illenium’s melodic bass.  The song picks up speed right before the four minute mark where an unexpected heavy drop sends chills down your spine.

In Donnie’s own words,

I just want my music to break your necks in the sweetest way possible.

Donnie’s next incoming remix is going to be for “Year 3000” by the Jonas Brothers, so keep an eye out!

If you live near Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Milwaukee, Washington, Arizona, California, or Ohio, Decadon might be paying a visit soon so be ready for an announcement!

For more information including links to social media, show dates, and contact information, visit Decadon’s official website.

Image Credit: Decadon