Berlin Government Makes Move to Preserve Club Culture With €1 Million Investment

In most cities around the world, club culture has largely been minimized. In its early days, raves rarely took place in a legally licensed venues instead opting for warehouses, car garages, and sometimes even the great outdoors. What started as a “freaks only” phenomenon has extended into a multi-billion dollar industry making superstars out of button pushers and creating a massive international market for club tourism. 

Over the years, many brilliant clubs have opened and closed. Clubs in cities like New York and London have suffered over the years as real estate development and zoning laws have opted to push out clubs rather than embrace them. Berlin, on the other hand, is doing exactly the opposite. In recent decades, Berlin has become a cultural epicenter for obscure and experimental electronic music. This has created dozens of clubs and venues around the city offering a late-night selection of thumping techno. However, if you’re a resident trying to get a bit a rest before a morning shift, living next to a club can cause more than just irritation. 

In an effort to allow the cities arts and culture scene to coexist with the city’s residents, the Berlin city government is investing €1 million euros to help noise proof clubs near residential areas. in According to Der Tagesspiegelthe money will be used not only to sound proof club interiors, but also create sound barriers for outside spaces. Particularly as Berlin continues to see large population growth and booming real estate development, the pre-emptive measure to preserve the city’s identity as a nightclub capital is a highly progressive position.

H/T: Resident Advisor

Photo courtesy of Steve Glamm