Be Prepared to Know His Name: Amtrac Releases New Single ?Accessorize?

Premiering on BBC Radio 1 not too long ago, Amtrac has put forward his latest single, “Accessorize,” a track so delightfully refreshing, yet sonically stimulating, that you can’t stop asking, why isn’t he a bigger deal?

Fresh from his critically acclaimed EP, “1987”, Amtrac is looking to lengthen his musical reach to a wider audience without sacrificing the quality of his work and it’s working thus far.

“Accessorize,” starts off with a collage of synths that crescendos into your stereotypical club beat but then the track starts to evolve. The occasional inclusion of an offbeat church organ justs adds another layer of originality and keeps you on your toes. However, this is all leading up to the main climax. At approximately the 4 minute mark, a bombastic, heralding synthesizer that seems to have come straight from the 80s, pours into your eardrums. But you accept it because well, when’s the last time you heard something so beautifully executed?

At just the ripe old age of 29 years old, Caleb Cornett is the man behind the magic. Hailing from the lands of Kentucky (which only emphasizes the point that greatness comes from any region of the world), he has put out an abundant amount of remixes over the years and has released 5 EPs to date. Numerous magazines have labeled him as an up and coming artist and it’s difficult to not agree. As a musician, producer, DJ, and vocalist, Amtrac is going to take us places where we didn’t think possible. So take a seat or stand up and dance, and pay close attention to who may be one of the most promising names in production in all of 2017.

Amtrac’s newest EP, True Value, releases on April 21st.