’90s Trance Legends Accuse Gatecrasher Staff of Assault – EDM.com

Following incidents that took place at the superclub Area Sheffield in Sheffield, England on the evening of December 28th, ’90s trance mainstays Signum and Binary Finary have accused associates of promotional company Gatecrasher of physical assault. The event brand issued a statement in response denying any involvement in the altercation.

In a post to his Facebook page the morning of December 29th, Signum (real name Ronald Hagen) wrote that he and his agent had been pursuing Gatecrasher staff for money owed to them in the hours leading up to his set. “About half an hour before my set my bookingsagent was physically assaulted for trying to get the money that was owed to him,” Hagen said. “And this was the final act of complete lack of respect which made me feel absolutely disgusted with everything. I would not be able to pretend all was good behind the decks anymore after this shit.”