This Insane English Rave Set the Bar High for Crazy AirBnB Experiences

When you think of Airbnb, the first thing that may come to mind is a place to rent out during a vacation. For a lot of people, it’s a sensible alternative to a hotel or hostel. For over 100 party-goers in the UK, an Airbnb was ground zero for an insane rave last weekend. With some houses rumored to be worth seven figures, the luxurious neighborhood of Maida Vale in London was considered to be a very posh and quiet neighborhood for its residents. Unfortunately for them, their neighborhood was turned upside down by a rave held at a flat being rented out via Airbnb.

The party started late Saturday night and eventually petered out around 7:30 on Sunday morning. If that wasn’t enough to impress you, the ravers allegedly hired a bouncer to work the door for the event. As you can imagine,the police were called and came to the property as the party was going on. Unfortunately for the neighbors, there was nothing for the police to do as they claimed that “noise pollution is not a matter for the police.”

(Rogue AirBnb rave attendees spilling out of the posh London property – Twitter/Bearner)

Based on numerous reports, nobody was arrested for their activity in the rave but the suspected organizers of the rave were seen carrying out the sound system after the rave had ended. The exact number is not known but based on eyewitness accounts, the rave started with over 100 people and it kept growing throughout the night. When it was all said and done, the neighborhood woke up the next morning with a litany of smashed bottles and a serious cases of sleep deprivation.

So with this story in mind, how many of you are seriously considering the prospects of renting an Airbnb to party? While AirBnb has banned the guest that threw the rogue party and have publicly denounced such actions in its patrons properties, we gotta say…well done, man.

H/T: The Sun