Steve Angello Gives Clues About New Acid Single "FREEDOM" feat. Pusha T

In anticipation of his newest release, Steve Angello takes to Twitter to tease his latest work!

Since the release of his album Wild Youth last year, Steve Angello has been silent on any new music in the works. Fortunately, the former Swedish House Mafia member recently teased new music in the form of a collaboration with Pusha T. Angello’s collaboration with Pusha T, called Freedom, was teased by the producer this week and his tactic to promote the single was unique.  

In a series of tweets, Angello takes a letter from the name of the single and attaches a clip from the single itself.  The first set of tweets spells out the words, “I Know” with another group of tweets spelling out “Freedom”.  Perhaps I know is a bonus track that Angello has had in the works. Maybe both of these tracks are part of a new EP or LP. Time will tell.

Personally, I love the marketing tactic used by Steve Angello to promote his newest work. In an industry that is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to get their work to the consumer, I think using Twitter in the way that he did is an excellent way to tease new music and give fans a real multimedia treat to keep them patiently waiting for new material.  

For those of you that haven’t seen the tweets or heard clips of Steve Angello’s latest work, the tweets can be found below.  Fans, what do you think of this move? Does this get you more excited for Steve Angello’s collaboration with Pusha T?