Instagram is Changing the Face of Music Marketing – Here's How Your Can Use it to Your Advantage

With the world progressing towards a digital era, internet marketing is something taking more dominance in today’s society. Most of us spend over 3 hours a day on the internet, so it’s unsurprising that companies are pouring millions of dollars into making their product known. But how does this apply to the music industry and marketing your DJ brand? Let’s find out…

With applications such as Instagram & Snapchat dominating the app store, the social media phenomenons are also incredibly useful marketing tools when used correctly.

One of the most fundamental things to start off with is having a consistent theme. Your followers are wanting to engage with your content because they like it. And so, you want to ensure that you are constantly appealing to that particular segment of the market. (e.g. If you are a DJ regularly playing in clubs with impressive lighting, incorporate this into your posts.)

A major mistake that people seem to make is constantly advertising your music on the platform. If every 2-3 posts is a song advertisement, nobody is going to bother engaging with your posts. After all, Instagram is a platform for conveying a lifestyle. So show people images of activities related to your brand. Whether it’s playing shows, in the studio, or simply having a good time with friends, you want to make sure that your aesthetics are inviting & well thought out. So ensure you have a regular upload schedule (preferably at least once per day) to ensure that your engagement rates are consistently high.

But even with great content, How do you convert your engagement into sales/streams? Two words: cross promotion. Upload exciting content based around your music product. For example, if you have a music video that was recently released, post a screenshot and put the video link in your Instagram bio.

An exciting feature that was originally on Snapchat is “stories”. As people only spend a couple of seconds on each post when scrolling through their feed, this gives you the perfect opportunity to post information/videos of your daily life to your followers. This can be a great feature to convert people from an instagram engagement to a Spotify stream or YouTube view.

Finally, engagement with your audience is key to successful Instagram marketing. So when somebody comments on your posts, respond. Even just replying to messages in your DM’s will go a long way in terms of fan support. Sure, you might not get a million followers from it, but if people feel like that you are engaging with them, then they will try and engage with you as well!