How YouTube Channels Are Becoming Major Influencers In The Music Industry

In recent years, YouTube promotion channels have become a powerful source for music fans by acting as a platforms for curators to post music that they enjoy. With the rise of channels such as NoCopyrightSounds, Majestic Casual, ChillYourMind and Chill Nation, music promotion channels are gaining much stronger footing in the music industry and are proving to be a benefit to artists and fans alike.

As Mura Masa said when describing massive music curator Majestic Casual, “…were uploading music that they thought was cool. It was almost like a blog.”

 By uploading a variety of music (such as hip-hop, jazz, and house), accompanied with beautiful photography, the channel quickly rose to success in the multi-million views.

Now more than ever, artists are able to use the internet to source their inspiration from pretty much every corner of the globe. Having an insider’s point of view on the music industry, I’ve noticed that people who break the pattern of what’s considered “traditional” are often the ones who gain a massive following.

NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) is a music collective that did something totally different from their competitors: they allowed full monetization of their releases. Of course, this allowed tracks to spread like wildfire, and end up on national television, used by large YouTubers in their videos etc. With the original artists social media links in the video descriptions, it has allowed their following to increase to unprecedented numbers.

Alan Walker is an artist who was regularly featured on NoCopyrightSounds.

“Back in 2014, I was following the owner of NCS’s Facebook account and I saw that he posted a status where he specifically asked for track with the genre Norwegian House. I decided to post a song of mine and shortly after he contacted me.”

After releasing his songs “Fade” & “Spectre,” Alan got in touch with Sony Music in order to release the smash hit single “Faded.” 

The rest was history. 

With over 723 million Spotify streams to date, there is no doubt that music promotion channels are continuing to “change the game.” Despite the often unsteady landscape of the streaming music industry, music promotion channels have proved that there’s a high reward to be earned when you zig instead of zag.