Did deadmau5 Just Tease A Hardware Version Of Serum?

Having a hardware version of a synthesizer that you love the most is a dream for many artists and producers will agree with this. Having a hardware rendition of a virtual software can spark creativity in ways we can’t even think of and the joy you get fiddling around with knobs in real life is indescribable. Some of the most famous hardware synthesisers include Roland TR-808, Prophet 5, Moog Voyager etc.

Now, one of the most famous virtual synths in the market as of now is none other than Serum from Xfer Records, which is founded and co-founded by Steve Duda and Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 respectively. A few days ago, Xfer rolled out a new update for Serum which included the possibility of changing skins, which is a great news for producers who want their touch on something they have to stare at for countless of hours. Now, with people sharing their skins on Twitter, deadmau5 had to interrupt like a boss obviously. He posted this, which shows hardware version of Serum and honestly it looks pretty good. Take a look for yourself:

This post took off like storm but there is no surety that if the world will ever see hardware version of Serum, but if Xfer decides to roll out the hardware, it will pretty sure become one of the most demanded hardware. Honestly, we want this to become a reality. You can check out the whole thread in the above mentioned tweet, which includes interaction from many big artists and Steve Duda himself answering various question.