Autograf Dropped An Incredible New Track ?Sleepless In NYC? On Armada Deep [LISTEN]

Chicago based trio Autograf has been making waves on waves for so long and there’s no sign of their momentum stopping anytime soon.. Their tracks sure have all the edgy touches, but one thing listeners can take for granted is that once you’ve heard any of their songs, you’ll have a really big smile and will be instantly in a good mood.

The trio just dropped their new track Sleepless in NYC on Armada Deep, and boy, is it good! Check out the track below on Spotify and if you’re using any other platform like iTunes, Apple Music, Beatport etc, click this link to listen to this incredible track on your prefered platform.

Now coming to the track. This is a really chill, downtempo kinda track with incredibly soft vocals which are the heart of the track. The whole arrangement is really minimal and this vocal oriented track for sure won’t let you down. The ever evolving pads, synths, arps, small vocal chops here and there and ad-libs drowned in reverb keeps the track interesting and the listener involved. Not to mention, the drums are really well laid out and thus are one of the key element of this track and also helps in the smooth flow of the song. All of this happens before finally building enough anticipation for the drop. The drop itself is quite simple yet minimal and catchy enough to keep your head banging. Overall this is a really great song and big ups to Autograf for making and putting out such a cool tune.

Their last song Nobody Knows, which was released on Armada Deep was a great success too. Listen to the track here, if you haven’t already heard it. We can’t wait for what these guys have planned for the future. If you recently came across Autograf, we hope you’re enjoying their stuff as much as we do. Follow them on their socials to stay updated with their future projects and endeavours.